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Is on-street parking allowed during the winter?
Unless otherwise regulated, parking is allowed on City streets during the winter on the ODD numbered side of the street.

Parking is NOT allowed on City streets on the even numbered side between 2AM and 6AM. This is in effect from 15 November until 31 March.

If a snow storm is expected, a Snow Emergency might be declared. Please see the information about Snow Emergencies.

Please refer to the City Traffic Ordinances of 1935, as amended, Section 7-4. The full text reads:

It shall be unlawful for the driver of any vehicle other than one acting on an emergency, to park said vehicle on the even side of any street between the hours of 2 AM and 6 AM of any day each year during the period beginning at 12:00 midnight November 15 and ending at 12:00 midnight the following March 31. (amended 8/6/1964; amended 2/8/1966; amended 1/8/1969; amended 7/24/1978, amended 11/19/1982; amended 10/4/2001)


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