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Firearm Licensing Information
License to Carry
The links below contain information about who is legible to apply for either a license to carry a firearm or a Firearm Identification Card, as well as the process used by the city of Woburn Police Department to issue a Firearm Identification Card or a license to carry a firearm.

A schedule of fees that are set by the state is also included:

Changes to the Laws Concerning Firearms Licensing and Gun Sales in Massachusetts
On August 13, 2014, the Governor signed House Bill 4376, “An Act Relative to the Reduction of Gun
Violence.”   The full text of H4376 is available at:

Key changes to the statute include:
  • Requires Massachusetts to submit more data to the federal National Instant Check System, including state commitments for alcohol and/or substance abuse, commitments for mental illness or as dangerous persons, and convictions for domestic violence cases;

  • Allows an individual who has been committed for certain mental health reasons, for an alcohol use disorder ,substance use disorder, or guardianship appointment to petition the court 5 years from the date of commitment requesting that his/her ability to possess a firearms, rifle, or shotgun be restored;

  • Requires all Massachusetts licensed gun dealers to run criminal offender record information (CORI) checks on current and new employees;

  • Requires all Massachusetts licensed gun dealers to post information about suicide awareness and prevention;

  • Eliminates the requirement to obtain a firearms identification card or license to carry to purchase or possess self-defense spray, unless under the age of 18 or otherwise disqualified by law;

  • Requires personal sales/transfers of all firearms, rifles, and shotguns to be completed through a web portal to be developed by the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services; the portal will, among other things, verify the identity of both buyer and seller, and ensure the sale/transfer complies with the law;

  • Expands the eligibility disqualifications for firearms identification cards and licenses to carry;

  • Allows licensing authorities to petition the district court to deny, suspend, or revoke firearms identification cards on the grounds of unsuitability;

  • Requires that a licensing authority provide each applicant with a receipt indicating that either a new or renewal firearms license application has been received;

  • Provides an indefinite grace period if an applicant submits a renewal application prior to the expiration of his/her current license;

  • Eliminates the Class B license to carry firearms; current Class B licenses to carry will remain valid until the said expiration of the license;

  • Exempts active duty military personnel from the requirement to take a Basic Firearms Safety Course before obtaining an FID or LTC;

  • Reduces the firearms application fee to $25 for retired law enforcement officers;

  • Exempts law enforcement officers from the assault weapon and large capacity feeding device ban;

  • Changes the definition and some punishments relative to firearms trafficking crimes;

  • Creates several new crimes involving the use of firearms, including assault and battery with a firearm and disarming a law enforcement officer;

  • Requires all licensing authorities to trace and collect specific data on any firearm used in a crime within its jurisdiction.

Some changes to the statute go into effect immediately, while others will go into effect in accordance with the schedule indicated in H4376. Please call your local licensing authority or the Firearms Records Bureau (617.660.4782) should you have any questions.

Transactions Under the Control of Massachusetts

We often receive requests for information about other firearms licenses and transactions that are under the control of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety.

If you have questions about:
  • Non-MA residents who are US citizens obtaining a License to Carry
  • Non-US citizens who are MA residents who wish to obtain a FID card
  • How to appeal the denial of an application to obtain a firearm license or permit
  • How to find a Firearm Safety Course near you
  • Or how to transfer ownership of a firearm, please follow the link below:

Many of the transactions on the state Firearms Forms page can safely and secured can be accomplished online.

Since 15 February 2015,  firearms licensees and gun owners are required by law to report ALL private sales, transfers, and surrenders of firearms to the Massachusetts Firearms Records Bureau via the Gun Portal. Paper FA-10 forms will no longer be accepted for these transaction types.

Please contact Maureen Garrity at 781-932-4510, extension 888, to make an appointment to renew your License to Carry or your Firearms Identification Card.

Please be aware that as of February 12, 2015, there is a backlog of about 8 to 10 weeks at the state for renewals.

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Ph: 781-932-4510, ext. 888